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Hi All!

Soooo it’s been a while… a long while but I come with SUPER exciting news. I am now Partner and Director of Operations at Stumptown Studios! New studios for all types of art headed by fellow MICA Alum Rachel Wright and myself.

Here’s the website, check it out and pass it on 🙂


Hi Everyone! Sorry I’ve been absent so long, with school finally over I will be getting my new computer soon and I’ll be able to update more. In the mean time, here are images from Senior Thesis. These are just the images, but I encourage you to take a look at my statement on my website. Enjoy 🙂

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Soil, Work In Progress

Hi everyone!! Again, I apologize I’ve been absent for so long but I will try and update from my school computer since my computer is dying. Anyway, here are a few scans of my work in progress from Senior Thesis. This project has already gone through a few transitions but I must say I’m really happy with where it’s headed. For this work it was really important for me to merge conception while creating a beautiful image while talking about the relationship I have and we all have with the soil, the most basic forms of life. I will be posting these images to my website, as a work in progress. ALSO! Super excited, this week is spring break and my mom and I are going out to Portland and then after I’m attending the SPE conference in SanFran! A lot of exciting things going on right now, can’t wait to share more.




Opening This Friday!!

Technical Problems

Bad news bears everyone, my computer has a foot and a half in the grave and I can’t upload my iphone images to my computer right now. But fear not! I have some work in progress images from Senior Thesis coming up (as soon as my battery loads).


Seems as though I can’t use any of my USB ports right now, guess I’ll have to make a trip the the Genius Bar…

Wall Street Journal

Hey Guys! I just found out a headshot I took a few years ago made it in the Wall Street Journal along with a great article by my mom’s boss. Enjoy!