Eric Helgas

Katy Wood

Nina Perlman

Michael Bussell


Jessica Emily Marx

Suzanna Zak

Laurie Snyder

Alexander Heilner

Regina DeLuise

Sean Scheidt

Nate Larson

Lynn Silverman

Adam Wilder

Colette Veasey-Cullors

John McNeil


Irna Jay

Sean & Elle having fun

setting up the food

a lovely cheese platter by Sean & Nina

We got a really great turn out on Sunday, which has been happening more frequently with Wilgus show receptions! The show looks really well done. Unfortunately, I posted this too late and it will come down today but will soon be replaced by Tiffany Jones!

On a similar note, our Junior Seminar class is starting to hang our show in Main Gallery. It will run from today to September 19, our opening will be next thursday September 15 from 7-9 pm. Although our entire class is not in the show, it will still be nothing short of amazing.