Hi All, so I’ve been meaning to post a few links to some of LPV’s great articles.

The first is about how photographs really should write more.  I have to agree, writing about your work helps give you a deeper understanding and forces you to really look at yourself critically.

Photographers Should Write More

The second is about the ides of being a photographer in the real world.  As I’m getting closer and closer to graduation (less than 365 days to go!) it’s really something that I have to start thinking about.  I have very vague plans right now, kind of just want to take the year off and travel but who knows.  I do still need to a job…

The Dreams & Delusions of Photographers

The last article I have (at least for now) is about photobooks.  I feel like books got phased out but are slowly coming back! I grapple with the same issues of books being very expensive but it is an investment.  I usually ask for books for birthdays and holidays but finding them can be a bit challenging sometimes.  Although the internet is great, there really is nothing like seeing images in print, they really come to life.

All the Photobooks I’ll Never See

C’est tout for now!