I couldn’t wait to post this post up but I had to “gather” all my thoughts.  Yesterday was another artist panel at the BMA which was so amazing.  Merry Alpern was there, who was the women I did my response images to early this semester.  I really enjoy her work and listening to her talk about her projects gave me an even deeper sense of awe.  I was also lucky enough to talk to her after and she was so nice and so down to earth! (We even got her to sign our tickets, and I gave her my business card, can you believe it!!)  Hasan Elahi was also there who spoke about his altercation with the FBI.  He was on the Colbert Report a while back so it was crazy to see him in person.  Overall I thought it was a super intersting panel discussion, and it was moderated by my teacher Nate, who also showed performances we did for the discussion.  I’m not sure if the actual videos will be on the web somewhere but I’ll try and upload them.

I might also have some really exciting information coming up in the next few weeks but I guess you all will have to sit tight!