Works / In / Progress

I don’t really post many shows much but I should because people in this school are amazing, SO here we are.  The show is grouped by class so that’s how I’ll put them here with names and links, so enjoy! 🙂

ps. Vinyl designed and hung by Eric Helgas and I (isn’t it purty!)

Contemporary Directions in Photography

Jessica Emily Marx // website


Shannon LaRue // website

Erik Puot // tumblr

Digital II

Hope Guzzo // website

Artist/Photo Book

Maria Von Rigden

Eric Helgas // website

Megan Darling // flickr


Prints from students in the class I TA!

Studio Lighting


Eric Helgas // website

Jessica Emily Marx // website

Sara Czernikowski

The Body In Photography

Megan Darling // flickr

Rosey Albertson // website

Shannon LaRue // website

Faith Layla Bocian

Sam Schubert

Eric Helgas // website

Junior Seminar

Jessica Emily Marx // website

Sara Czernikowski

Megan DarlingRosemary Albertson