This weekend was the opening for the newest exhibition in the Baltimore Museum of Art, Seeing Now: Photography Since 1960.  I took some super quick shots of a few of my favorite but I’m going to go back soon to take better pictures.  Honestly, it was an over-whelming experience and I’m not sure if it was because I was finally seeing some of my favorite pieces in person, or if it was because of the artist talk that followed OR the QR codes (I wrote about Sally Man, if you want to check that out).  I know I’m such a nerd but it probably was a mix of everything.  Although I haven’t seen many “all-photo” shows, it was breathtaking and I would recommend it to anyone coming near good-old B-more.

Now on to the artist talk featuring Philip-Lorca diCorcia and Robin Rhode.  It was a nice discussion it’s always nice to hear the behind-the-scenes stories, and to hear where the concepts grew from .  Rhode seemed to stick around after the talk, which was really nice and I wish I had something for him to sign (I could’ve bought one of his books but it was books or food).  I was really tempted to talk to him, but I didn’t really know what to say, I guess you could say I was a bit star-struck.

Next up on the calendar for the BMA is “Watching You: Surveillance Exposed” on Sunday April 3 at 2.  This will be more of  a panel discussion.  They’ll also screen those images I posted a while ago.  All in all great things going on, expect images of our WIP (Works In Progress) show at school from tonight!