I have loved Mann for quite some time but I recently had to write a critique about The Last Time Emmett Modeled Nude and all of a sudden I realized how much I was in love with these images (if that sentence makes sense).  Our classes critiques will be featured in a show at the Baltimore Museum of Art, I’ll make sure to put up a link as sure as it goes up!  I was going to purchase the hardcover book during class but then I realized it was $100+, so I guess I’ll have to wait until October 14th… 😉
There’s a great interview that was taken on Art21 and I would recommend watching it if you have a chance.  She’s made amazing work over the years and Immediate Family is just the tip of the iceberg.  I really appreciate her use of the 8×10 camera as well as other alternative processes found in her other projects.  Unfortunately I have yet the chance to see her work in person, but I’ve heard that her quality of prints is outstanding, which is a trait I truly admire.  I’ll be probably doing a bunch more of these inspirational posts since I’m in a class where we have to think about it, and I figured I may as well share it with you guys too! Hope you enjoyed it
(I found these scans here.)