Jacket- Gift, Dress- Forever21, Flips- Old Navy

When I woke up this morning I just couldn’t figure out anything to wear so I defaulted to a maxi (they are kind of perfect for days like today).  Threw on this jacket because it’s one of my favs and I needed a “shorter/cropped” top.  I left my hair in a bun just because of pure laziness and I went back and forth for like a good 30 minutes on glasses or no glasses… You can obviously figure out the outcome.  Now off to shoot for my large format class for the first time (ahh!), even thought this is what i totally feel like doing:

Haha, hopefully I’ll have time to upload a bit of random stuff that’s been laying around on my computer.  This week has been CRAZY espically with my show going up this weekend.  I was going to post a pic of my postcards but when I got them they looked terrible, so I got them re-printed and if all goes well in OvernightPrints-Land they’ll be better this time.