As you may have read, I already used up most of my blogging space on WordPress.  So, I vented on my FB and my cousin kindly pointed out to me that I was uploading my FULL 300 dpi images. DUHH.  So I’ll be doing a lot of cleaning up on here.

Also, to bring down the space issue I think it’s really time for a new blog, like I’ve been saying for the past three months.  Although once school starts and I lose my personal photographer to the French ( 😦 ) my outfits won’t be as frequent, but hey, there are no rules.

I apologize for not posting these next few weeks.  Hopefully it won’t take me that long, but you never know, I am a procrastantor at heart.  I guess I’ll leave you guys with this.  Sometimes, I think things are put places so that we’re meant to stop, look, and laugh 🙂