The on of the last nights I was home (during winter break) my family decided to have dinner together.  As my grandma was cooking we noticed that there was some smoke coming from the stovetop/oven and something smelled like it was burning but since we could find where it was coming from we didn’t worry about it.  A few minutes later, she opened the oven and a cloud of smoke can out and everyone ran to open windows so that the smoke detector wouldn’t go off.  After all the smoke passed we looked in the oven to find a black piece of something.  We took it out and I saw it was a biscotti.  My grandma doesn’t make biscotti and no one else put biscotti in the oven, so they say.  My grandma thinks my grandpa had company and was being greedy and didn’t want to share, so he put them in the oven and dropped one.  He has yet to own up to it but we all know it’s him.